Why Do We Really Care?

I don’t know about you but I have absolutely begun to detest the daily updates on Tiger Woods and his affairs.  Okay, I get the fact that he is without question one of the best golfers of all time.  I get the fact that he is one of, if not the most, dominant and recognizable people in our world today.  I get the fact that the man has enough money to buy a small Central American nation.  What I simply don’t get is our utter fascination with this whole deal.  I know the guy gave the appearance of being “sweaky clean” and obviously was not.  In spite of this why are we so fascinated by this man’s complete and public fall? 

I have a theory.  My theory is that we have a sick desire to see others fall.  Somehow we feel better about ourselves if we see others fall.  It is as though we need to compare ourselves to others and so long as we measure up to them then we feel better about ourselves.  We all have junk in our lives – you know, that stuff that we stop doing whenever someone comes in the room or that we hope that no one ever finds out about.  Yet, so long as they have more junk and their junk is messier than ours, we feel as though we measure up.  Rather than focusing on how we can allow God to work in our lives to transform us, we prefer to let others fall back down to us.  The funny thing is that God doesn’t grade our lives on a curve.  He doesn’t measure our lives against Tiger Woods or anyone else around us.  Instead, God measures our lives against the standard of Jesus Christ.  Jesus alone lived a perfect life and none of us measure up to that standard.  Instead of reveling in the fall of others, let’s live our lives in amazement of the incredible love that God displayed by sending Jesus to die for us.  Instead of wondering why Tiger did whatever he did, let’s spend some time with God so that we may not walk down the same path.


One response to “Why Do We Really Care?

  1. We should follow the teaching of God, not idolize some sports star. We should pray that Tiger Woods will find God while he is taking a break from golf.

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