The Importance of One

One. It is a simple number and a crucial beginning point. God has placed us in a unique time and a unique place with a unique ability to reach the 300,000 people He has placed within fifteen minutes of Highland Hills’ front door. You know, 300,000 is a big number and, honestly, seems a bit overwhelming to me. However, reaching 300,000 simply begins with reaching 1. During the upcoming year, let me challenge you with something. Will you join us in reaching 300,000 by reaching 1? During 2010, will you help us profoundly impact this community by reaching 1 family, 1 individual, 1 person for whom Jesus died? Will you commit to sharing the gospel with those you know? Will you commit to inviting them to encounter Jesus by worshipping with us? Will you commit to reaching out to those in the Highland Hills family who have drifted away? Will you commit to join us in reaching out to the community by writing letters, making phone calls, helping with Upwards, visiting our guests, or by investing hours in prayer? I cannot do this alone. You cannot do this alone. But there is no limit to what God can do through us when together we surrender to Him and serve Him in unity. Imagine how this community would be changed if each of us would reach only 1 additional person. Imagine how this church would be changed. Imagine how families, marriages, and schools would be changed. It would be simply amazing. And it will all begin when we reach 1. Over the next several weeks, you will learn of many opportunities through which you can reach 1. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of reaching 300,000 by reaching 1!

Don’t live near us in northwest Oklahoma city? Not a problem. You see, the idea “Each one reaching one with the love of Jesus” is a completely portable concept. Regardless of where you attend church, I feel fairly confident in writing that your pastor will probably not have any problem with you reaching others with the love of Jesus – if he does have a problem with it, then it is probably time to relocate. At Highland Hills we cannot reach the entire world alone, but if you reach those around you and we reach those around us… Imagine what God could do!


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