Morally Flexible

The other day I was driving down the road and I pulled up behind a “unique” vehicle.  You know, one of those cars that looks like the owner is trying to completely cover the car with bumper stickers.  Now don’t misunderstand me.  I have nothing against bumper stickers but when I cannot tell what color your car is because you have so many bumper stickers, then you have probably done a swan dive off the deep end of the pool.  Among the plethora of bumper stickers, one of them really stood out to me.  It was simple and easy to understand.  It read, “Morally Flexible.”  Judging by the text of the other bumper stickers – it was a long light, what can I say – the morally flexible idea probably fit within his or her lifestyle.

Honestly, I have not been able to get this bumper sticker out of my head.  By sheer definition the idea of being morally flexible is oxymoronic.  It simply does not make sense.  Morality is not something that we can stretch and reshape on our own personal whims.  Morality is not something that is defined by you or me.  If you and I define morality then it will constantly shift from day-to-day with no real stability or direction.  Yet, this is exactly what the world tries to do.  The world tries to define morality as an individual decision, a matter of personal committment.  Individualized morality finds its vocalization in phrases like, “Well, that’s OK for you, but…”  Here is the logical fallacy of individualized morality.  What happens when one person’s understanding of morality impacts another person?  What if one person deems it moral to burn your house down?  If we are morally flexible and believe in individualized morality, then the answer is that you are simply out of luck because the other person did what is morally OK for them – you simply have to live within the consequences of their decision.  We all know this is insanity.

Fortunately, the God that lovingly created us provided us with a moral code to live by – the Bible.  I wonder what might happen to the person with this bumper sticker if that individual would have invested the same amount of time in studying Scripture that he or she spent in rationalizing his or her actions.  I wonder what would happen if as believers we did the same thing.  Our plans should be flexible.  Our schedules should be flexible.  But our moral compass should not.  Stand out in the world as someone who is not blown here or there.  Stand out in the world as someone whose life is governed by the God who never changes.


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