Keeping In Step

Who exactly are the Jones and why am I trying to keep up with people who I don’t even know?  Over the past several days, we have begun to start looking for a new home in Oklahoma City.  Now before those of you with pickup trucks run away in fear, we are no where close to moving and probably will not purchase a home until sometime this summer.  Adrienne and I have talked and we know what our priority is and, consequently, what we are willing to spend on a house.  So one afternoon between my numerous errands, I took the scenic route home and drove through some of the neighborhoods we are considering.  I found one house that we absolutely love.  It is in the right school district.  It has four bedrooms.  It has a large backyard.  It has a large kitchen.  It is even just around the corner from a community pool.  The only problem is that the price does not fit our priority.  Don’t misunderstand me.  The price is within what we could pay, but not within what we are willing to spend.  I took the flier and showed it to my wife.  I even called the real estate agent to get more information.  I also got online and started playing with the math to see if we could make it work.  Finally, we became very convicted.  We certainly loved the house, but we are certain of the priority that God has placed on our lives.  The question was which did we love more.  We had a choice between a house we loved and a God who we love and to whom we have surrendered our lives.  The answer was obvious – we are still looking for a house.  You see, we are certain of the priority God has placed on our lives and every other decision is viewed through that priority.  Anything that conflicts with that reality is automatically viewed as in conflict with God’s plan for our lives. 

The funny thing is that we face decisions like this one every day.  Some of those decisions are “big ones,” like whether or not to pursue buying a specific house.  Most of them, though, are the seemingly insignificant decisions of every day life – like what website to visit, how to invest a few spare minutes, with whom to have lunch, or what radio station is on in our car.  How do you evaluate those decisions?  Are they determined by how you feel at that moment?  The only way that you can realize everything that God has for your life is to surrender each and every part of your life to Him.  I realize that may seem silly or old-fashioned, maybe even impossible.  However, the same God who is concerned with your big decisions desires to be involved in the seemingly insignificant ones as well.  What priority has God placed on your life?  Are your daily decisions walking toward that priority or away from it?


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