Standing There With Nothing To Do

As I was watching the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver Winter Olympics on Friday night, I felt incredibly inspired.  That is until the very end.  As you probably know, there were some mechanical failures during the lighting of the indoor version of the Olympic caldron.  There were supposed to be four “pillars” leaning toward the main caldron.  These four “pillars” were to be lit simultaneously and the flame would then race toward the top and together light the main caldron.  The plan was incredibly symbolic and beautiful.  The execution…well not quite so much.  You see, while the four torchbearers stood looking at one another, a mechanical failure prevented one of the “pillars” from rising.  It was an unfortunate end to an incredible and moving ceremony.  As I was watching the improvised lighting of the caldron, I could not help but feel horrible for the person who was left standing there with nothing to light.  This individual was chosen for all the right reasons.  She had done all the right things.  She just happened to be the one standing there with nothing to do while the whole world looked on.  To say the least, I would imagine that she felt a bit unnecessary.  It certainly would be understandable to feel a bit embarrassed and even upset. 

Perhaps you have had experienced times of feeling unnecessary and unimportant.  I know that I have experienced those times.  In fact, I still do at times.  The thing that helps me through those times is to remember that my opinion and the opinion of those around me really doesn’t matter all that much.  While there are times that I may feel worthless and unnecessary, the Bible teaches me that I am of incalculable value.  It teaches me that I am created for a relationship with God.  It also teaches me that God loved and valued me enough to send Jesus Christ to die in my place so that I might be forgiven for my sin.  The Bible teaches me that each of those statements is true of you as well.  Wherever you are at today and whatever you encounter, always remember that God loves you and that simple reality means that you are absolutely necessary and incredibly important to Him.


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