Needing More Sleep

Okay, I confess.  I am not a morning person.  Honestly, at times I struggle to believe that God gets up before 8:00 am.  And I also confess that I don’t understand morning people.  It seems as though every morning person I know likes to rub in the fact that he or she is a morning person and I am not.  Now if you are a morning person, I am grateful for you, but please don’t try to convert me.  I am simply not wired that way.  So you may be wondering what exactly brought on this rant about not being a morning person.  The answer is simple – daylight savings time.  While I understand the concept, I really don’t get this idea.  I understand that it was originally proposed by Benjamin Franklin and that it is supposed to save us electricity by “making it get dark later.”  I even confess that I like the transition in the fall when I gain an extra hour of sleep.  However, the whole idea seems a bit wacky to me.  No matter how much we mess with the time on our clocks, the reality is that it gets dark at the same time.  Lest you misunderstand me.  I have no problem with daylight savings time, but why do we switch back and forth?  If daylight savings time is such a great deal, then why don’t we simply stay there?  Why do we switch back in the fall?  This whole thing sounds like math done by the federal government – sounds good on paper but doesn’t really pass the sniff test.  I know that this is a pointless rant and I know that none of your lives will be dramatically altered by knowing that I don’t really understand daylight savings time.  But I am hoping that some of you can comment and help me understand the logic of the back and forth from daylight savings time to standard time.


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