Are You Listening?

It seems as though it has been forever since I have written in this “weekly” blog.  After looking at the date of my last entry, it really has been a long time. I guess that I have gotten caught up in the so-called “tyranny of the now.”  I just returned from being out of the office for a week and my to-do list has already exceeded one page and is well on the way to finishing page two – and that does not include anyone else’s list that they have for me!  It seems as though we do and do and do, yet the impact seems to be less and less.  I must confess that thought was on my mind as I was driving to Colorado for our family vacation.  I have the same questions and concerns that we all face.  I wonder if I am doing this well or that well.  I wonder if I am really making a difference.  I wonder if all the things that I am doing that seem so important to me are really all that important to God. 

While I was away, an amazing thing happened.  I slowed down and allowed God to truly speak to me.  I don’t know about you but I often find myself asking God to speak to me about a specific issue, then running off to do something else if I haven’t heard definitively from Him in a whopping 10 seconds or so.  Now before you gasp at the impatience of a pastor, ask yourself if you do the same thing.  We vacation in a small cabin with no television and virtually no cell signal.  In essence, we are completely isolated from the outside world.  And I absolutely love it!  I took more naps during that week than I have in the past six months combined.  I had a chance to sit in a quiet and beautiful place and listen to a rushing river, birds, and that still, small voice with which God so often speaks to us.  During those moments, God reminded me of several things.  The most of those things was the importance of simply being.  So often, I believe we try to do so many things thinking that God will be impressed by the sheer quantity of our work.  Yet, it is not the quantity of our work with which God is most concerned.  Honestly, He is more concerned that we are being Christ-like than He is with the quantity of things we do.  We must first focus on being who God desires for us to be, then the doing will largely take care of itself.  I know your schedule is crazy because mine is too.  But let me encourage you with something that God has shown me over the past week.  No matter how busy your schedule, the most important thing in your schedule is stopping everything to quietly and intently listen to the still, small voice of God.  Can God shut down your world and scream so that you cannot fail to hear Him?  Absolutely!  But true love and obedience comes when we set aside our stuff just to be with Him.  Be wiser than me and make the time to stop and listen intently.  God is speaking, but are you listening?


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