As Uncertain As Ours

I sit at my computer typing this blog only a few minutes after finalizing the details of a friend’s funeral.  He was a fairly young man with no significant health problems.  Yet, this past Friday he passed away suddenly.  There were no warnings.  There was no expectation.  There were no final days to say and do the things that we so often put off until tomorrow.  He had reached the end of his days, and he passed away.  Of course, the silver lining to this story is simple.  Anyone who spent any time around this man knew of his deep love for Jesus Christ.  His smile and laugh were infectious.  His life displayed a joy and peace that transcends all understanding.

Less than 48 hours before his death, this man sat in my office talking with me about our outreach ministries.  He was willing to do anything possible or necessary to help tell our community about the love of Jesus Christ.  We had a meeting tentatively planned for this next week to begin fleshing out a plan to improve our outreach efforts.  Obviously, that meeting will not take place.  I say that obvious statement because through my friend’s death I have become concerned about all the things that I have put off until tomorrow.  I have no guarantee that I have the tomorrow into which I have shoved so many things left undone.  Scripture teaches us that God has numbered our days from beginning to end.  There is really nothing you or I can do to increase or decrease that number.  But the manner in which we live our lives dictate how we live that number of days.  We have the choice to live our lives in such a way that we are blessings to those around us.  We have the choice to invest time with our family and friends.  We have the choice to say the things to those we love that so often go unsaid.  Today, we have the choice.  But as I, and our entire church family, have been so vividly reminded there will come a day when our time for choices is done.  Don’t live your life with the assumption of tomorrow.  Life is far to precious and fragile to be taken for granted.  Each day is a gift, and neither you nor I know which day will be our last.  Call who you need to call.  Hug who you need to hug.  Forgive those who need forgiveness.  Tell everyone about the love of Jesus Christ because their tomorrow is as uncertain as ours.


One response to “As Uncertain As Ours

  1. Jason,

    I know that you were close to Bill. The way in which his death has affected you comes through in your writing, and it’s beautiful. Anyone who reads it will immediately since the depth of God’s love and the passion of a pastor’s heart. Keep on preaching…keep on writing. The Lord is using you to touch a lot of people.

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