Who Is Highland Hills?

I have been privileged to serve as the senior pastor of Highland Hills Baptist Church since June 2009 after serving churches in Oklahoma, Texas, and North Carolina. Highland Hills is located at 7900 Devore Dr. in northwest Oklahoma City. Well, sort of. In truth, that is the location of the building where Highland Hills meets to worship together. Highland Hills is really a group of Christ-followers who have joined together to worship and serve God in a way that exceeds anything that we could ever be or do individually. The Bible teaches us that as a local church God has taken our individual lives and knit them together to form a new family. Like any family, each of us has our personal quirks and preferences. We have a few people who are sometimes grumpy. We have some kids who are just learning to walk and others who can’t stop talking. We have some teenagers who are…well…unique. We even have some couples celebrating their first or their fifty-first anniversaries. Though we are all in some ways very different, we are all tied together by our common relationship with Jesus Christ. When you worship with us, you should not expect a group of people who all look or think exactly alike. You see, the beauty of Highland Hills is found in the fact that we are very diverse and yet in the midst of that diversity God has created a wonderful community who seeks to love and serve Him more and more each day.

All of us have our opinions, and your opinion could be just as valid as mine. So how do we know what is really true and what is really a matter of opinion? Honestly, this is one of the great questions of our time. We want you to understand that at Highland Hills we are committed to the truth of the Bible. You see, the Bible is God’s written way of revealing Himself to us. So when we study the Bible we understand that it is absolutely true and serves as the authority for our lives. This means that wherever you encounter the teaching of Highland Hills – whether in this blog, at one of our worship services, or via our podcast – you can rest assured that it is based on the truth of Scripture and not on anyone’s opinion. We all hear enough opinions, and we all know that opinions tend to change over time. Isn’t it reassuring in a time of so much change to know that God never changes?

One of the most amazing things that the Bible reveals about God is that He loves you and me and desires to have an amazing and personal relationship with you! If this idea about God’s love and personal involvement in our lives sounds strange to you – that’s OK. At Highland Hills we believe the Bible teaches that God has an amazing plan for each person’s life – a plan that is much greater than the mundane day-to-day lives many of us lead. The key to moving from the mundane to God’s amazing plan is the realization that we are the problem. The Bible reveals what we all instinctively already know – none of us can live up to the perfect standards of a holy God. All of us stand in need of His forgiveness, though none of us is remotely worthy of that forgiveness. God has lovingly provided forgiveness for us in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus came to pay the penalty for our sin so that we might receive forgiveness and a restored relationship with God. Forgiveness is available but it is not automatic – we must ask for forgiveness. Click here if you would like more information about receiving God’s forgiveness.

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